Daphne Duong

May 12, 2021

EP.38: What does retail in Australia and Poland have in common?

Two seemingly drastic retail markets with one similarity. An analysis into the untapped potential of these regions and why major retailers are looking to make headway there.

With globalization at full throttle, retailing in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres are more alike than different with consumers hungry for the next trend even during a worldwide pandemic. 

Thanks to the internet and social media, the cycle of trends can come from the streets or runway, where even an entire region can influence your latest assortment drop. While reopening strategies and vaccination rollouts look different in every region, we explore one of the few unrestricted markets that has emerged as a go-to leader and another with a promising future to become one.

Today, Kayla Marci, EDITED’s Market Analyst, shares insights into the opportunities and challenges in the Australian and Polish markets. As a dual citizen and having lived in both regions, she shares data-backed analysis and the cultural nuances retailers should know. 

Key takeaways:

  • Entering into new territory is easier said than done. Kayla says, “arm yourself with data when tapping into any new region to understand where there are gaps in the market, and opportunities in your products, prices and so on.” 
  • Since Australia has been relatively COVID-free for some months, other Northern Hemisphere retailers can get some pretty solid insights to examine what’s working and where retail is going. Currently, consumer confidence and spending is at a high, especially for categories that struggled in 2020. EDITED data found swimwear sell outs increased 113% throughout Australia’s summer season, showcasing a revival in this category.
  • Due to high smog levels, face masks have always been a staple accessory for Polish consumers even before COVID spread. So while Poland didn’t necessarily kick-start pandemic dressing, there’s plenty of inspirational trends coming from its Gen Z demographic as well as other Central and Eastern European Countries as the post-Soviet aesthetic is redefined. This look includes streetwear roots with avant garde elements.

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