Daphne Duong

April 28, 2021

Ep. 37 The future of retail fashion beyond the pandemic

With global vaccination rollouts and reopening strategies underway, what do retailers need to know as consumers emerge out of lockdowns?

Is sexy back? Will suiting make a return? And what should we see across summer lines?

We’ve learned a lot from the pandemic. Comfort dictated consumer spending, retailers used this time to course correct, plus there is now a stronger focus on DTC and omnichannel approaches. So instead of reminiscing on the past year any longer, we’re putting COVID behind us for this episode and looking forward to what’s to come out of it. 

Today, we’re joined by our very own Retail Analysts, Avery Faigen and Venetia Fryzer, to talk about what to expect for the future of the industry. As our womenswear and mid & mature market experts, they discuss the important strategies retailers need to consider, runway trends we should anticipate to trickle into the mass market as well as  new categories, like happy dressing. 

Key takeaways:

  • Although we will be living in a post-pandemic world, hygiene will be important to maintain. Retailers need to be transparent moving forward by ensuring proper sanitation areas to make customers feel safe. This is a simple and effective way to easily get consumers back into stores. 
  • Happy or dopamine dressing is emerging as a big trend post-pandemic. Venetia says, “The idea first emerged at the beginning of the year to lift spirits and spread joy. People are excited and positive about the future and clothing is our way to express that. It’s a really fun and easy trend to tap into without having to overcommit.”
  • Suiting will make a return as events return, but quality needs to be prioritized in order for consumers to shell their money out for these products. 
  • Categories retailers should invest in include nostalgia elements from the 60s, 70s and Y2K. For fall, transition into psychedelic patterns and preppy looks, such as varsity graphics for men and pleated skirts for women. In the podcast, Avery mentions, “People are really excited to step out and show out. It’s important to talk about the party wear element, but also the nostalgia that we’re definitely going to see retailers get into this season.”

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