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Market Analytics   

Jan 12, 2021

Activewear market analysis

The activewear market accounted for a 40% of all online sales last year, according to NPD. Find out what the trailblazers are doing well and the macro trends shaping the future of this untouchable category.

zara h&m
Market Analytics   

Dec 9, 2020

Zara vs H&M: The differences between these two successful brands

A glimpse into how the retail titans are tackling the coronavirus-altered landscape through product, pricing and discounting strategies.

activewear market
Exclusive Report

How activewear and athleisure will be different in 2021

A deep dive into the athleisure and activewear markets as new collections land throughout the start of 2021 and comfort and casual apparel continue to be the driving force behind consumer purchases.

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